Meet the Winners

Dear Community:

After eight weeks of idea inputs and discussions, the jury now also has gone through a several-week-long phase of evaluation and review. The winners can now be announced! We would like to thank you from our hearts once more for your great commitment. You have stimulated to reflection and showed that an open exchange is possible even for technical topics.

As you will see in the following, awarding the prizes will be a little different than originally planned. You have introduced many ideas and a lot of creativity in this competition. A clear classification of placements 4-6 was not possible among all these entries. The jury has therefore decided to distribute the prize money among all those that submitted ideas into the competition and thereby to compensate a little to everyone for the invested time and shared ideas. Every participant that submitted an idea and won no other prize will receive 100 euros. You were a very fair and open community. Thank you for your participation and congratulations to all winners!

Best ideas

1. Prize

7.000 Euro and the possible joint further development of the idea

Energy Recovery
from Friedrich

Plastics extrusion is constantly on the search for solutions for a greater energy efficiency and durable production. With his idea, the participant shows the possibility for energy recovery that exploits the great temperature differences in extrusion and thereby can be used in many areas of extrusion. That the participant falls back on already existing technologies goes to show that a completely new development is not always decisive for innovation, but often the linkage of various technologies and the observation of further developments. The participant has established a connection that could bring the extrusion industry a further step forward in the important subject of sustainability.

The opinion of the jury: Sustainable, very relevant, well described and realizable.

2nd Prize

5.000 Euro and the possible joint further development of the idea

Exow Street
from michvdbent

Exow Street is very well visualised product idea that offers a creative solution for an existing problem. As the community has already recognized, the function of such a system depends presumably on regional climatic conditions and also on the loads - is a street planned where lorries drive or should a pedestrian path be built? Further refinements are surely necessary for practical applications. The approach is good nevertheless and can contribute to reducing pavement damage and to improve safety on the streets. The pros and cons for this idea have led to an exciting discussion about possible materials.

The opinion of the jury: A creative, durable and well-presented product idea with potential.

3rd Prize

3.000 Euro and the possible joint further development of the idea

Use of Non Woven Material in layering Artificial Turfs
from Nivedita0011

The idea of using nonwoven material instead of tape fabric as substrate for artificial turf is an idea that is worth thinking about. The possibility is particularly interesting that the functionality of lawn landscapes can be recreated better with nonwoven. Just like soil, nonwoven can for example absorb moisture and then gradually release it again. This prevents artificial turf from heating up under the sun and needing exceptional watering - as is necessary these days in warm regions for artificial turf that can be walked on. Of course, the technical transformation poses challenges today, for instance concerning the necessary nonwoven properties and the nonwoven load capacity. The idea has potential though.

The opinion of the jury: An innovative idea that shows an application field for technical nonwovens and that could bring artificial turf a bit closer the natural original.

Community Vote


Write in Plastic
from Emanuel Maia

An exceptionally creative and outstandingly visualised idea that has made it one of the favourites of the jury. The high valuation shows that design and surface feel are becoming increasingly important in mechanical engineering. The expectations to the man-machine interface increases in all areas. The participant has skilfully unified this trend in a product idea with a futuristic design that can be interesting for artists as well as for artisans.

The opinion of the jury (even though it has played no role here): An inspiring idea that motivates to develop more attractive, user-friendly machines.

Most courageous / unconventional idea

iPad + invitation to participate in a innovation workshop of the Reifenhäuser Innovationenschmiede (think tank) incl. round-trip transportation

Compact extrusion
from fuchsg

Gear pumps belong to the state of the art in extrusion. The idea, to employ the principle of a Wankel rotary engine for pressure build-up and for feeding in extrusion is a quite unconventional way of thinking though and a completely different mode compared to the usual extrusion of today. The idea has led to a lively discussion among the jury members - even about the advantages and disadvantages of a discontinuous feeding that a Wankel engine provides, which can be compensated though by modern control technique. Even though the added value may not be clearly discernible at the moment, this unconventional idea carries potentials that current extrusion processes do not offer.

The opinion of the jury: A very creative and unconventional approach that motivates to further brainstorming and still seeks a sensible application.

Most valuable commentator

iPad + invitation to participate in a innovation workshop of the Reifenhäuser Innovationenschmiede (think tank) incl. round-trip transportation

from Gizmotech

The participant Gizmotech has contributed to the competition with many own ideas and has participated intensively in discussions during the entire competition phase. With constructive criticism, questions and comments on innumerable competition inputs, he has motivated broader contemplation and further development of the ideas and thereby advanced other participants and the competition overall - thank you very much!

Impressions of the Jury meeting