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  • Image (123x160) Jumbo25.09.2011 12:11
    Hi Nivedita, congratulation to your prize. I wish you the best for the future. May be your idea wil be a project to be realized.
  • Image (1507x1440) Emanuel Maia24.09.2011 12:37
    congrats for the 3Âș prize ingenious idea.
  • Image (180x180) lys24.09.2011 03:57
    CONGRATS on your win, Nivedita!!! Very happy for you!!! =)
  • Image (540x720) Nivedita001131.05.2011 07:37
    hey lys, its yes i disappeared as u say.... but it was nice interacting to you ....
  • Image (180x180) lys30.05.2011 23:53
    Nivedita ... I had missed you for a while there, you disappeared for a bit =). Glad to see you back and enter one more idea into the competition. It has been wonderful and thoroughly enjoyable interacting with you! Thank you for all your insights and good comments. Be well, and hope to engage with you again in the future!
  • Image (540x720) Nivedita001130.05.2011 13:31
    Dear jumbo, gizmotech & Fuschsg it was simply great to be a part of this process, its like are one team cracking some project. Its been fun and interesting to interact with all of you and listen to your valuable suggestions.
  • Image (123x160) Jumbo30.05.2011 12:11
    Hi Nivedita, I wish you good luck. I enjoy working with you at this contest. Thank you for comments. Best regard Heike
  • Image (180x180) fuchsg29.05.2011 21:48
    Hello Nivedita, thank you for your useful comments during contest! Good luck! FUCHSG
  • Image (640x480) Gizmotech29.05.2011 12:21
    Nivedita, I appreciated your comments and insight during this competition. I hope that the future brings you success. Best regards, Tom Kruer
  • Image (1507x1440) Emanuel Maia16.05.2011 00:19 teaser video available in my new idea
  • Image (180x180) knowhowalter05.05.2011 12:57
    Hi, Nivedita0011. I am the private inventor, I have know-how nanotechnologies for polymers / PVC,PE,PP,../. These technologies tested on modern equipment /Extrusion/ with good results of quality and profit. / Window profil( PVC), films for packing ( PE,PP,..).I want to present these technologies on the competition. Sergey
  • Image (1507x1440) Emanuel Maia29.04.2011 23:07 m/idea.php?id=27 check out the new update tanks for the time.
  • Image (540x720) Nivedita001126.04.2011 08:39
    @fuchsg, i have understood that you want to replace the die it self with rollers. Such a process already exists where the materials in the molten state is pushed between the rollers (embossed or non embossed) This differs from cast film extrusion which i guess you are referring to.. for further details you can visit the link - process.asp it throws more light on calendaring process.
  • Image (180x180) fuchsg25.04.2011 17:37
    Hi nivedita! Tthank you for advice regarding my idea( flat film roller die?)! But I wanted to replace the die itself by rollers directly. I've googled, but only found flat film dies which are shaped like hangers! If you have a link with a flat film roller die please give me advice. Thank you!
  • Image (1507x1440) Emanuel Maia20.04.2011 22:58
    Great idea i like it and for cleaning the film for reuse.
  • Hiten Chudasama20.04.2011 18:31
    Hey, Nivedita this is indeed a good start
  • Image (180x139) JEmpl@Hyve20.04.2011 16:22
    Hi, Nivedita0011 welcome to the contest! Its nice, you aready posted an idea!
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Image (494x268)
Created: 30.05.2011
Process Description:

Product Description
Road Dividers can be made of plastic and can be extruded..

New Kind of road dividers .. which will be extruded.

Target Group
Construction Purpose

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Image (425x283) Elina Presniakova 30.05.2011 15:13
I like this idea, it can be linked to ideas about mobile Hitena extruder. Good luck to you!
Image (123x160) Jumbo 30.05.2011 19:44
Hi Nivedita, it looks good, but there is no stabilisation. If you drive against this divider you get through without any resistance. Elina is right, perhaps it is something for Hitena driven extruder but you need something as an inlet metal for example.
Image (180x180) lys 31.05.2011 01:44
Nivedita ... How tall are these suppose to stand (are they just for dividing the road, like this example --> , OR are they going to also aid in an auto crash, thus needing to be taller and bigger in size)?

Is that bottom stem portion going to be embedded into the road? If it is embedded, it may help with the stabilization and resistance issue, however it may not be as feasible since the road would need to be prepared with creating the ditch/groove.

I think this is a good idea once the technicalities have been worked out.
Image (540x720) Nivedita0011 31.05.2011 07:26
yes the picture is correct it suppose to be this tall only ....
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