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  • Image (1136x640) AlejandroBetancourt07.01.2015 00:28
    Dust remover and water filters for hoper loaders, using the actual system to remove fines at regrind materials
  • Image (1136x640) AlejandroBetancourt07.01.2015 00:26
    Cut small rolls In-line to avoid latest process, multy winder and mechanical tension control by balance.
  • Image (1136x640) AlejandroBetancourt07.01.2015 00:24
    I have all the idea at picture, please let me know how to present it
  • Image (1136x640) AlejandroBetancourt07.01.2015 00:24
    Extrusion line for RPET with quality control inline, that way the operators can control see and improve quality. Install a polariscope In-line Thermoforming to simple form after accumulator. Trial for impact before roll winding. Color basic trial. The elements are very basic, low cost to not affect the customer, but will be a lab in-line to warrantee the quality before deliver. If the operator can see and feel the problem, also can solve it.
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