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    nice to have you around and i liked the idea you posted.
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    Hello Emil Hope you're enjoying the contest so far.
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WAITSEATRUDER Extruding machine that allows to produce wait seats with variable sectional shape

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Created: 30.05.2011
Process Description:

Product Description
This new product is a concept of a wait seat, that is able to be encountered in every place, such as waiting rooms, airports, railway stations etc. This kind of the product consists of
seats and shelves, is fabricated of either plywood or plastic mould, standing on a bend-pipe-construction.

This contrivance assumes the making a one-part-product, what ousts many problems during the fabrication and in the process of use, as well.

The bench consists of seats and shelves, as mentioned, tradition wait-seat-set. But here the new product is conceived as a mono-block,

As a material for this product it would be convenient to use three kinds of stuff.

The first is a wood, that means chips of wood or a wood dust mixed with a resin or another gluing substance. It is important to choose such species, which is biodegradable or safe in the process of burning.

The second idea is to use disposed plastic stuff, that is able to be remade in the way of foaming.

Thirdly, for the high-end-products it is reasonable to implement an elastic (foamed too) material, which improve the comfort of seating.

Machine Description
The new concept of the machine consists in the multi-shaft-die, which is able to change its sectional shape. Normally, the cross section is unchangeable unless one fits another die. In contrary, in the concept of the new die, the continuous process is available and the steering allows to set another section when the extrusion is proceeded.

The variable colours of the bench could be made by means of Coextrusion Adapter.

Advantages of the making process allows the final product to be established in one gang, what reduce the costs of production and its time (another factor of costs). Furthermore, the idea of the new machine allows to extrude a shape in some variation. The size of seat or its shape can be changed automatically without any need of production line reorganisation. E.g., it solves a problem, that in the North America wider seating place is craved. Usually, a producer has to have more than one mould.

Target Group
By this product targeting is rather simple and it concerns every public space where many people need a rest. Such concocted solution provides cheap, ready-to-use product.

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more attachements and videos:
extension waitseatruder.ppt


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