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  • Image (180x180) lys31.05.2011 00:02
    Hiten ... thank you for your kind words on my Messages. I have to say that most of what you say goes over my head, lol, you are just too smart for me with your technical knowledge ; }. Good luck in this competition. I wish you well and much success to you!
  • Image (123x160) Jumbo30.05.2011 19:50
    Hello Hiten, I enjoyed the contest and your comments Thank you, it was nice to work with you. Best regards Heike
  • Image (425x283) Elina Presniakova30.05.2011 12:52
    Thank you for your helpful comments! Good luck.
  • Image (1507x1440) Emanuel Maia30.05.2011 12:01
    Hiden nice to have you around and if you want add me at facebook and the Portugal DEsign Lab fan page see you around and good luck
  • Image (180x180) fuchsg29.05.2011 21:53
    Hello Hiten, I enjoyed your comments on my ideas and they were very useful. Thank you and good luck!
  • Image (640x480) Gizmotech29.05.2011 12:17
    Hiten, I have enjoyed working with you during this competition. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future. You are talented and knowledgeable. Best Regards, Tom Kruer
  • Image (1507x1440) Emanuel Maia17.05.2011 15:53
    New Video and image available with the material i choose for the wheels. m/idea.php?id=110 if interested Hiden please see the micro video of the specimen
  • Image (640x480) Gizmotech17.05.2011 01:19
    Hiten, in answer to your question regarding the contest losing relevancy, I would have to disagree. I find it enlightening and enjoyable to see many different perspectives. You never know where a great idea, or germ of a great idea might come from. So it is best to try to be open to what others have to offer.
  • Image (1507x1440) Emanuel Maia16.05.2011 00:23
    teaser video available of my new idea
  • Image (1507x1440) Emanuel Maia22.04.2011 12:55
    Hello Hiten tanks for the coment i am a Product designer from Portugal. here goes my link for my portfolio
  • Hiten Chudasama20.04.2011 20:01
    @JEmpl@Hyve, the ideas i feel many of them are interesting, some of them having little relevance to the contest
  • Image (180x139) JEmpl@Hyve20.04.2011 16:23
    Hello Hiten I think the ideas are quite interesting so far. What do you think?
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Extruded Bench

Image (759x639)
Image (1600x900)
Created: 30.05.2011
Process Description:
Extruded by normal profile extrusion process

Product Description
This is an Extruded bench which can be used at any suitable place

Normally Benches are fabricated with wood/metal/plastics all together

But this is ready to use simply by cutting it to a required length

This makes manufacturing of benches to be less labor intensive

This can be used as a chairs also if cut to shorter lengths

Target Group
Plastic furniture manufacturers

  • product


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Image (540x720) Nivedita0011 30.05.2011 13:26
nice design, it can be easily extruded...
Image (425x283) Elina Presniakova 30.05.2011 14:17
Nice. I think there are still many things that can be done by extrusion.
Image (123x160) Jumbo 30.05.2011 19:33
It's a good idea. It can be done with recycling material. But I think that this is done. Perhaps not in this way as you want to do. So I think it is a good product. ststoffbaenke_2.htm
Image (180x180) fuchsg 30.05.2011 19:41
Hello Jumbo, Hitens bench is done in one shot and that is another way to produce benches than in the link. Good idea!
Image (123x160) Jumbo 30.05.2011 19:55
@ fuchsg. I know this and I have written that it is a good product. I only want to say that it is a product for recycling material. Because of the sustainabilty impact =o)
Hiten Chudasama 30.05.2011 20:03
@Everybody, I like Jumbo's comment and I want to use re-ground material for the bench if possible then wood polymer composite.
Image (180x180) lys 30.05.2011 22:29
This is a wonderful idea, Hiten! You can basically create any length bench, even shorter ones for areas where only a one person seat will fit, so there is no limit to the length and area of use. Excellent!!
Image (640x480) Gizmotech 22.06.2011 21:52
Hiten: One advantage of Benches and chairs made in numerous pieces is the lower shipping costs. Might suggest adding a few living hinges into your design to allow it to fold for shipping and storage.
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