We have opened three categories for presenting your ideas which will allow us to better sort them later.


This category is intended for all ideas concerning intermediate products (e.g. plastic films), end products (e.g. safety labels), and applications using extrusion technology. What properties may films have e.g. in the future? Which products existing today can be produced in the future e.g. from plastic films, nonwovens and monofilaments? Does a product come to your mind that is neither a nonwoven fabric nor a plastic film or a monofilament, but which you think could be extruded? Do you have any ideas for new applications of existing products? These are only a few questions which may serve as a basis for developing your ideas.


All ideas about the extrusion process itself belong to this category. What would an optimal extrusion process be? Can process steps be avoided? Is an extrusion process possible without an extruder ? How could energy be saved? Are line control systems already sufficiently optimised? How can foamed plastic profiles be produced at low cost?
If you have an idea on the extrusion process, we expect that you also mention a product - whether new or existing - suitable to be produced by this process.


Here we collect all ideas that refer to the components of an extrusion line. For example: Which machine is better than an extruder (single-screw, multi-screw) for an appropriate feeding and transformation of plastic materials? Has an extruder look like the same way in the future as it does today? Do you have ideas for new dies / melt forming die-heads? Which modifications could make the assembly of a machine easier?
If you have an idea on a machine, we expect that you also mention a product - whether new or existing - suitable to be produced on this machine.