This year, Reifenhäuser celebrates its 100th anniversary. Started as a small forge, the Reifenhäuser Group today is an internationally operating family company specialized in technologies and plastics extrusion machinery for more than 60 years. With our six subsidiaries, we rank among the market leaders of the industry.

About 1200 employees at various national and international locations and at our headquarters in Troisdorf develop, produce, and sell a remarkably wide range of technologies, machines and services for plastics extrusion. Our portfolio includes lines for the production of cast film, blown film, thermoforming sheet, nonwovens, tapes and monofilaments as well as extruders and highly wear-resistant screws and barrels.

Our products and services are distributed worldwide via a comprehensive network of subsidiaries and representatives.


Reifenhäuser EXTRUSION (

The Troisdorf-based Reifenhäuser EXTRUSION is divided into the business units Cast Film and Extrusion Center. The business unit Cast Film develops and manufactures complete cast film lines, thermoforming sheet lines, polishing stacks and coating lines. The Extrusion Center (EC) acts as a service provider for the complete Reifenhäuser Group. Its activities include the manufacture of the highly efficient state-of-the-art Reifenhäuser extruders that are used in all lines of the group of companies. A major focus of the EC business unit is on wood extrusion and environmental technologies. In this context, EC develops and manufactures complete wood polymer composite (WPC) lines.

Typical applications for the lines manufactured by the business unit Cast film:
Protection and packaging of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics products, films for optical applications, trays, cups, surface protection, office use, hygiene products

Typical WPC applications:
Construction industry: Floor tiles, cable ducts, technical profiles, fence posts, cladding material, window sills and window frames, decking boards
Furniture industry: Kitchen worktops, interior wall panelling, furniture strips
Logistics: Pallets, container floors

Reifenhäuser KIEFEL Extrusion (

With over 60 years of experience and more than 7000 lines installed, Reifenhäuser Kiefel Extrusion domiciled in Worm ranks among the worldwide leading providers of blown film extrusion lines and other equipment for the production and conversion of high-quality plastic films. The modular EVOLUTION range of products newly developed in 2010 extends from mono equipment up to nine-layer lines and enables the production of simple packaging applications as well as of complex technical films or of food packaging with high grade barrier properties.

Typical blown film applications:
Transport and pallet protection films, agricultural film, food packaging film, shrink film, bio films

Reifenhäuser REICOFIL (

The Troisdorf-based Reifenhäuser REICOFIL is the worldwide leading provider of spunbond, meltblown and composite lines for applications in hygiene, medicine, agriculture, filtration and industrial

applications. With its line technologies, REICOFIL has set ever new standards in the industry. The most recent REICOFIL 4 technology enables customers to obtain speeds of up to 1,000 m/min to produce nonwoven fabrics of 8 to 500g/m², depending on the configuration of their systems. All lines are available also with BiCo technology – which provides the possibility to combine two different raw materials in a fibre.

Typical applications for nonwoven fabrics:
Hygiene: e.g. diapers, femcare products; Filtration: e.g. water filters, oil filters, air filters, blood filters; Medicine: e.g. surgical covers, face masks; Industry: e.g. wipes, geotextiles for road construction, protective clothing; Agriculture: crop forcing nonwovens

REIMOTEC Maschinen- und Anlagenbau (

REIMOTEC based in Lampertheim, is an expert supplier of monofilament lines, strapping tape lines and the related process engineering and know-how. Thanks to reliable technologies and good ideas, the company succeeded to become a global market leader for monofilament and strapping tape lines within a few years. One of these good ideas resulted in a technology that allows to produce high-quality strapping tapes from 100 percent recycling material (bottle flakes). In addition to the manufacture of lines, Reimotec develops and markets intelligent control and measuring systems such as diameter and node control units required for monofilament forming.

Typical applications for monofilaments:
Technical textiles, screens, artificial grass, bristles, tennis racquet strings, fishing lines

Typical applications for PET strapping tapes:
Transport packaging and strapping of heavy loads (also as a substitute for steel tapes)

Typical applications for PP strapping tapes:
Furniture packaging, parcel packaging, newspaper packaging

Reiloy Metall (

REILOY Metall develops and produces the key component for injection molding machines of renowned European market leaders such as Engel, Krauss Maffei, Arburg and Demag, and for all Reifenhäuser extruders: highly wear-resistant screws and barrels. Core competencies of Reiloy are proprietary processes for the production and subsequent melting of powder in the centrifugal casting plant for barrels and the plasma powder arc welding (PTA) for armoured screws resulting in highly resistant functional layers. The products are known for their top quality and are not only used for Reifenhäuser’s in-house production of extruders, but are appreciated also by other manufacturers of extrusion and injection molding lines. External sales account for about 80 percent.

Polyrema (

Within the Reifenhäuser Group, Troisdorf-based Polyrema manufactures mono-layer blown film lines from 300 to 3300 mm, and coex lines from 300 to 1400 mm layflat width. In addition, the company is engaged in the purchase and sale of second-hand machines. A further activity is the expert overhauling of Reifenhäuser lines using original spare parts. In combination with new components these lines can also be redesigned to special machines. Thus, second-hand lines are ready for a new production life.

Research & Development

Those who want to be innovation leaders have to research and develop. That is what we at Reifenhäuser are doing with enthusiasm. Over the past five years, we have invested over 30 million Euros in establishing the world’s largest film development center and the world’s largest development center for the nonwovens industry.

Reifenhäuser Innovationenschmiede (Reifenhäuser think tank)

Good ideas and innovations often come about when know-how, expertise from various areas and different points of view are combined. So why to brood about the future alone behind closed doors? The Reifenhäuser Group gathers its know-how in the Innovationenschmiede (think tank). It combines the complete know-how of the subsidiaries Reifenhäuser Extrusion, Reifenhäuser Kiefel Extrusion, Reifenhäuser REICOFIL, Reifenhäuser Reimotec and Reiloy to form a huge know-how pool. In regular meetings, the representatives of all companies discuss the trends of tomorrow, forward concrete projects and work on the expansion of the comprehensive network of the Reifenhäuser Group. But sometimes, the Innovationenschmiede takes its time to dream of technical developments which still seem to be out of reach today. Perhaps you can dream together with us very quickly and share your ideas and suggestions with the members of the Innovationenschmiede. Give us a surprise and forward an especially courageous and unconventional idea or convince us of your particular values as a commentator.


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