General Information

What is the contest about?

The contest is about the generation of new and innovative ideas for plastics processing. Join the community and submit your ideas to products, processes and machines as well as comment and evaluate those of fellow participants.

The following questions regarding plastics processing need to be solved:
What new products can be produced with extrusion?
What new processes or changes can be implemented to the extrusion process?
What new machine developments can be deployed in plastics extrusion?

The contest is addressed to professional engineers, students, hobbyists, designers and everyone who is interested in the topic extrusion.

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How does the contest work?

You may contribute new ideas and evaluate them, as well as evaluate and discuss the contributions of others. The platform is designed in order to create a real and innovative community.

Important Dates

  • Start of the contest: April 4th 2011
  • End of submission: May 14th 2011
  • Jury Meeting: June 2011
  • Announcement of winners: July 2011

Idea Submission

The submission of ideas is really simple. You can enter your idea with the help of an easy-to-use submission procedure that is self-explanatory.

For the submission of an idea, please complete the following steps:
  1. Get informed about the topic of the contest
    Read through the information provided on this page
  2. Develop your idea!
  3. Choose Category ("process", "product", "machine")
  4. Specification of idea
    • Title (Give your idea a clear title)
    • Description of your idea
    • Innovation (state clearly the novelty of your idea)
    • Target Group (Explain who would use your idea and for what purpose?
    • Question to the Community (Not sure about some details? State here one or more questions and ask for support from the community.)
    • Upload picture
  5. Add further attachments to your idea contribution (optional)
    • Upload additional images (.JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .IGS, .STP, .3DS, .VRML; max. 5MB)
    • Upload documents (DOC, PDF, XLS, PPT, TXT, CSV)
    • Add video
  6. Add Tags (optional)
  7. Submit your idea

To idea submission

Community Evaluation

As a registered user you can indicate your evaluation of an idea by assigning 1 to 5 stars to each criteria of the idea. The criteria are:
  1. Sustainability Impact
  2. Innovativeness (Creativity)
  3. Relevance for extrusion
  4. Quality of description

The average rating is displayed within the idea pool.

With your rating you help to select the most valuable community member. Beyond that, the jury will also look at your evaluations to select the winners for the best ideas.

Experts Evaluation

Some experts from Reifenhäuser are part of the community. They will also indicate their evaluation of the ideas by assigning 1 to 5 stars to each of the following criteria and thereby will support the jury by selecting the winners.
  1. Sustainability Impact
  2. Innovativeness (Creativity)
  3. Relevance for extrusion
  4. Quality of description
  5. Evolutionary/revolutionary
  6. Engagement of Contributor

Jury Evaluation

Finally, the jury will select the winners of the contest based on the above listed experts criteria. For selecting the winners of the contest, the jury will also look at the experts and your evaluation.


Beside the possibility of evaluating the ideas of others, you can also post comments on every idea or reply to the comments of others. Again, this increases your activity index and supports the jury in finding the winners. To add comments, you can use the convenient commenting function at the bottom of each idea.

You can also leave public messages to other community members on their profiles by using the message-function on the member's profile.

Tag Cloud

To explore the ideas, you can use the tagcloud. The tagcloud is a visual depiction of keywords which lead you to a list of ideas that are associated with the keyword you have selected. The tagcloud features all the tags you and other contestants have attached to the ideas. The larger the tag appears, the more ideas attached to it.


Please register (or connect with facebook)

In order to participate in the contest, you have to register. As a registered user you can contribute your ideas and become a candidate for the prizes and also read, evaluate and comment other ideas. To finalize your registration, you have to agree to the Terms and Conditions. You will receive a confirmation email including an activation link.
In case you want to use your facebook-account just click on the "f-connect"-button on the right corner.

To register, you must take the following steps:
  1. Login information (mandatory)
  2. Personal information (partly mandatory)
  3. Interest in further idea and design contests (optional)
  4. Agreement with the Terms and Conditions of the contest (mandatory)
  5. Register

Terms and Conditions

To be eligible to take part in the contest, submit ideas and win one of the great prizes, you only have to become a registered user and agree with the Terms and Conditions of the contest.